Video Invitations – A Memorable Option

Babies and Brides, always a time for celebration

I recently created a video invitation for a baby shower for a new mom-to-be. Surprisingly, it was her step-dad that asked me about creating this invitation. He laughed when he told me that his wife wasn’t really all that keen on the idea. I sent them some examples and they had me over to discuss the video. Once she saw some of the examples, she was hooked.

This one was rather neat to create. The new mom wanted something with an old film projector feel to it. So, the video was made to look, sound and feel like an old movie. It turned out really great, in fact, my customer’s wife was so thrilled she actually cried when she saw the finished product!!

This is the reason I love what I do!! There is so much stress and negativity in the world today (at least it sure feels like it when you read the news), that it is wonderful to be able to make someone happy and feel joy. Creating video invitations seemed like a natural progression in my business. With supplied photos, a video can be created to share memories while creating new ones – it is an opportunity to have someone you care about lose themselves for 30 to 60 seconds in memories and future plans.

To take the extra stress out of someone’s life, I have created various themed templates ~ not to mention it gives me time to legitimately play ;). These will be available on the website fairly soon … keep checking. Do you have ideas for themes??? I am always on the look-out for something trendy and fun.

Would you like to see some samples? I have put together a short clip to show some of the various themes. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot!! The other awesome thing about these videos is that they are personalized … which means, your guest’s name can appear on the video; we can have clickable links right on the video to take them to a gift registry site; and …. I think this is just such a cool part of the whole thing … a clickable link to an on-line RSVP form. No more mailing out invitations, no more costly stamps and no more paper!! It is so easy and works really well!!!

Let me know your thoughts on this whole video invitation idea.

See you soon!!

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