Video Ads – A Few Tips For an Effective Ad

Have you thought about using a video for your marketing? If not, you should! It is the preferred method of marketing by your customers.Does the idea give you hives? You are no Martin Scorcese so how can you put together a video ad? Well, with a little upfront planning, the job isn’t that difficult. Here are 9 tips that you can follow to help you put your best foot in front of your target market.

Plan Your Video

This is the key to getting the right message out to the right audience. You need to determine what type of message you want to send out:

  • General introduction to your product and/or services?
  • Want to make an announcement about a new product launch?
  • Is there a remarkable offer you want to make known?
  • How can you extol your achievements and experience?
  • What is the pain point that your product or service can eliminate from your customer’s life?
  • Do you have testimonials you can use?

Why You?

Honestly, what makes your brand so much better than the other brands out there? Do you offer a warranty that no one else can touch? Maybe you offer exceptional customer service. Whatever the reason, you need to let that be known


You need to emphasize why your company is great at what it does. Yes, now is the time brag a bit. Tell the world all about your achievements and awards. High-light your success track record.

Show-off You and Your Staff

Include pictures of yourself and your employees. Even throw in a customer or two (with prior authorization, of course). Is there any way that you can have an employee filmed creating or building your product? What about having a valued customer shown using your product? It all helps to build confidence in your service and product.

Write the Script

Please, don’t try to ad-lib your video. Even if you are not having any voice over or speaking in the video, a script will keep you on target with your message. It does not have to be an Oscar-worthy script, but it should be strong enough to convey your message quickly and succinctly. If you don’t feel confident in your writing abilities (no shame), then feel free to reach out to someone else to do the writing for you.

Make Your Opening Count

Remember, we all have attention spans that are less than that of a goldfish. So, we need to have a hook or attention-grabbing item that will keep the viewer wanting to continue watching.

Try piquing their curiousity … what is going to happen next? Something cute and pulls at the heart-strings. Mention that pain item and if they keep watching, they will see the solution.

Not the Time for Creating a Full Documentary

As much information as we have, to give to our customers, we must keep the message short and to the point. You may have the next Gone with the Wind in you, but this is not the venue. For an advertisement, under 30 seconds is the best rule of thumb. A series of videos will get your message across – leave the audience wanting to know more – they will eagerly watch for your next video of the series.

To Orate or Not to Orate

Videos do not always require a voice-over. A lot of the time, people are watching your video without any sound. Be sure that your video will convey the message with or without any audio.

If you do want a voice-over, there are lots of options available – text-to-speech, your own voice, hire a professional.

Call to Action

Tell the audience what you expect of them. Typically, a call to action is at the end of video – either filmed or with graphics and text. Show your visitor how to get to your website, put on your telephone number so they can give you a call, or a link to sign up for your newsletter. Whatever was the end goal of the video, make sure you direct your viewer to take the next step.


Videos can get your message across to your viewer quickly and efficiently – if you have done your due-diligence in planning the video. As technology continues to evolve, more and more people will be using their phones, tablets, etc. to make their buying decisions. Don’t be left out in the cold, put video to work for you and watch the results come in.


9 Tips for an Effective Video Ad


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