Style … It’s a Personal Thang!!

The final portion of our 4-part series, is all about choosing the right style of video. As we discussed in the first article, there are four main styles of video:

  1. Whiteboard Video
  2. Animated Video
  3. Kinetic Video
  4. Footage Video

So, how do you choose which one to use? Each one is unique from the other.

Basically, it all comes down to who you are targeting – would a business professional want to watch a cartoon video about your service? Maybe, depending on the service you are offering. Now I have added to the confusion. What is the content of your script? Is it professional sounding and geared to a more professional audience? You may want to choose the more formal footage video (motion graphics). If you are targeting children or families, or your script is more light-hearted, you would probably benefit from an animated cartoon style video.

The Whiteboard video is great for creating interest. It is also a useful tool when you are explaining a process or procedure. With the help of a narrator, your message can be clearly received by your audience.

If you still need some help in your decision, try these ideas:

  • Ask people whose opinions you trust
  • Review a lot of sample videos – you can find these on Facebook and YouTube – especially check out videos in your industry to see the types of video being used and what the reaction is to them
  • Use your animator – ask them for opinions and suggestions

At the end of the day, a professional animator should be able to produce a video which will be engaging, informative and create the desired call-to-action result.


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