What is the Purpose of Actually Having a Video?

Part II of our series, About this whole video thing?!, is about why you actually should be utilizing video in your marketing.

We are a visual species. All of us are attracted to movement, and shiny objects … much like a dog when he sees a squirrel! Your audience and target market are always on the look out for something that is entertaining and educational. Sit back for a moment and ask yourself, is your current marketing scheme shiny? Does it entertain? Are people learning something from your marketing? If not, read on and see what others have discovered about the benefits of using video.

10 Jaw Dropping Statistics

About Video Marketing


Now you have seen the stats, have we convinced you that this is the fastest growing area on the internet? You may be wondering, “if it is so hot, why aren’t more people doing video?”, and that is a great question! The smaller business owner may not believe he/she has the budget to product a video. The big guys are all doing them, so it must cost a lot of money. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are lots of low priced software products that you can use to create your own video. If you own a relatively new cell phone, you already have state-of-the-art video equipment on hand! You can even use your camera on your laptop to record a video of you explaining or teaching about your service or product.

The options are limited only by your imagination.

Sources for statistics in video:

Small Biz Trends






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