"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell."




So, You Don't Need a Video?

Executives Watch Video

59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.

Explainers Sell

74% of consumers who watch a product explainer video end up purchasing the product or service.


Video Opens Email

Customers are about 50% more likely to read an email with a video link inside.


Organic Traffic Rises

Adding video to your website can increase organic traffic by about 157%.

The Power of Video

The power of video marketing is right here, right now!

Our Process

Getting To Know You

Let’s get to know all about you! In order for us to produce a video that will give you the results you are looking for, we need to learn about you, your company and your product. Grab your favourite cuppa and enjoy completing our Target Audience Questionnaire (TAQ).



Based on the feedback from the TAQ you completed, we will create a first draft script. We want you to be involved in this process! Have specific information you need included? Are you a talented writer? Let’s work together to create an awesome video!


Storyboard Images

Congratulations! We have finished the script and can now begin on creating the storyboard! This is where we decide on the images, backgrounds, characters, etc. for your video. Again, collaboration is highly encouraged … this is YOUR project!



Do you want voice-over? We have an option that will be perfect for you and your video project:

  • No Voice-over 
  • Digital Voice-over
  • Customer Voice-over
  • Professional Voice-over

Video Editing

Now we work on creating the intro, if required, the ending and the transitions. We want to make sure that the frames all flow properly, are showing clearly, is the font popping off the screen? Do you have ideas for this? Always feel you can contribute to the various processes.


Background Music

Imagine the movie Jaws without the background music! Each video need to have some music to elicit the desired emotion … hunger, empathy, fear, romance, etc. All music is royalty-free and licenced for commercial usage. 

Need some sound-effects? Cool, let’s add those in here as well!


The magic is happening! All of your input with the TAQ, the script, the storyboard, voice-overs, music and sound effects, transitions, intros and endings, are all put together. 

Final Approval

Congratulations! You have a new marketing video!!

All we need is your stamp of approval! Need some tweaking done? No problem. We want you to be happy with the end product. By working together throughout the entire process, we will keep the amount of end amendments to a maximum of 3 edits. 

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Native Born Son

Marnie Hare-Bickle and her husband made a discovery in their attic that changed their lives. When she brushed off the dust from the yellowed scribbler, a chill ran up her spine – an arctic chill. She was holding the forgotten journals of J. David Ford, a true native-born son who was witness to early 20th Century life in Canada’s far north.

Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning

Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning is a local, Port Hope business. They wanted a video that would be entertaining to watch, and still, send the message about their affordable and necessary service plans. 

Durham Region Hurricane Relief

When Tracy Turberfield came to me and asked if I could do a video to help her thank the generous people of Durham Region, I absolutely said “yes”! 

September 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated portions of the Caribbean. Tracy, a local travel agent, felt it was important to send as much help and support as she could possibly manage. She began a donation drive that was exceptionally successful. I was proud to donate my time to this very worthwhile cause.

ReBuild Canada

ReBuildCanada.com is an ingenious website designed to create awareness to the importance of buying Canadian-made products. Ron wanted a video that would explain the process in a simple and engaging manner. This video has both English and French versions on the website.

Mill Town - An Author Interview

JOY-less Avalanche from Downsizing Diva

Invitation - Organization Meeting