There Must Be a Process to Making a Video!

When putting a video together, there are a lot of moving parts. Having a definite process to work with ensures that no steps are missed and that all steps are completed accurately.

Here is the process that Canned Expressions uses when creating your video … it is the same process whether you are using a whiteboard format, animation or footage video. By having the client fill out the Target Audience Questionnaire, the animator is able to help the client determine the style of video that will create the most impact for the type of message being delivered.

It is important for both the client and the animator to work together. Sometimes it is not always easy to get the gist of a video until you reach the storyboard stage. The animator can help with the interpretation and visualization of the script step – the script is the meat of the video, the rest of the features are just the side dishes. The video should be able to stand alone on just the script.


Video production process

Now that we have the process figured out, next week will be the final portion of our 4-part series. Style is a Personal Thang!  reviews why you need to choose the correct type of video for your message. You need to be able to represent your brand while still being able to speak to your target market.


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