Lucky 7 – Hallowe’en Video Ideas

Hallowe’en … silly costumes, excited children, frantic parents, soggy candy and terrifying decorations. It is a rite of passage that we all go through, and some, still do as adults. Of course, the candy is a little stronger and the evening a bit later, but a night of celebration never-the-less.

Have you thought about using a video to help with your promotion, event or, just to wish your fans and customers a safe and fun Fright Night? Here are some examples for a memorable Hallowe’en video:

Hmmmm … marketing, sales, promotion, invitations, internal communications … it’s a plethora of ideas!!!



Try sending out a fun video telling leads that you will stalk or hunt them until they call back or answer emails … keep it light though, we don’t want to get too scary or creepy.  Maybe have the sales rep in a costume to give the leads an idea of her personality … lots of fun for both parties.


Internal Communications

What the heck?? Did you have a Hallowe’en party last year? Maybe your employees dressed up. Grab some of those photos and create a video to pass around. The memories will be fun and bring back that team morale.




Do you love decorating for the holidays? Show off your talents and ideas by making a video of your creations. Let your customers know different ways they can use your products to decorate their home or office. People love to watch how-to videos and will appreciate your ideas and generosity.


Having a party??? Make it easy on yourself and your guests, while having the coolest invitation on the block. Use it for business or personal. All the information is on the video, it can even be personalized with a clickable link for the guest to RSVP on-line. How easy is that??? The invitation can capture your theme and get everyone talking even before the party has started!



What is Hallowe’en without costumes?!? From the washer woman to Spiderman, costumes play a major role for the kids – big and small. Do you have some ideas on how to create an awesome last-minute costume? Why not share it for the world to enjoy?? Moms everywhere will appreciate your efforts. If you sell craft supplies, sewing supplies or just have an amazing knack with costume creation, this is a fab way to market your wares.


Do you have a business that you don’t think can be promoted for Hallowe’en? Think again!! Be devilishly creative and show off your collection of tools (hammers, axes, aprons, knives … I think you get the idea) that speak to the whole scary theme. By tailoring your products to the season, you will not only boost sales but also build brand loyalty with your customers. 

This 360-degree video footage was found on a Boost Mobile phone on October 29, 2016.



OK, we all love sweets and some people are especially creative at Hallowe’en with their baking ideas! Why not show off your skills with some creepy treats? This is great for those in the food industry – cafés, restaurants, caterers. Let’s not forget about the businesses that work with kids – daycares, indoor play centres. You could even have the kids doing the baking and video the whole event! (don’t forget to get permission to record the tots) Every parent would want to see that video. Creepy sweets … now I’m getting hungry!!

Photo from Halloween Bake Off - Brown Dog

Once you have your extremely eerie video completed, now get it out for the world to see! Put it on your YouTube channel, Facebook Page/Group, email it to your customers and leads, Instagram that thing and don’t forget to place it on your website!!

 Stuck on ideas or don’t know how to put a video together? No worries, get in touch and we can help you out!



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