10 Top Video Trends for 2018

Video still continues to be hot, and it isn’t going to slow down any time soon. In fact, as more people and businesses jump on the video bandwagon, video will soon be the number one way to promote and market your business. Let’s take a look at 10 of the top video trends for 2018:

1.  Video First

Video is the preferred way to receive information and to express ourselves. The trend is quickly moving from sharing text to sharing video.

  • Video will continue to gain traction all through 2018
  • Do you want to reach more people on Facebook? Use video!
  • Use live video to reach even more people on Facebook

2.  Live Video Streaming

Did you know, 13% of web traffic from video comes from live videos? Why?

  • Economical – there is no need to buy expensive equipment. Have a cell phone with a camera? Awesome, that will work perfectly. No need to hire expensive actors, or even get special editing equipment.
  • Attractive – yes, I said it! Show off that beautiful mug to your audience. You will come across as authentic and spontaneous.

And another did you know. Users spend 3X longer watching live videos as compared to watching pre-recorded videos.

3.  Square Video

I have talked about this before. (Which Direction is Right?) Square video uses 78% more space on Facebook News feed than the regular video. This means that your video will stand out, which means it will be viewed, which means that could turn into the viewer taking action, which means you could gain business from that one video!!! Phew, square video also receives a higher percentage of engagement. Be Cool and Be Square!

4.  E-Learning

Do you need a way to get that specific piece of information across? Maybe you have a complicated process to describe, or you have a specific way that your widgets must be attached to your gadgets. Use a video! Whether the video is of you explaining and demonstrating the procedure, or a whiteboard video, it is a great way to show and tell (remind you of your primary school years?) your audience you care. Use video as part of your training regime for staff members. By using video for training, you are ensuring that each person is receiving the exact same training, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

5.  Brand Authenticity

I don’t know about you, but I keep hearing about the need to be authentic. To show your audience your authenticity. Well, I checked to see what that actually means: Authenticity ~ the quality of being authentic. OK, so then Authentic means ~ real or genuine; not copied or false; true and accurate. From this, my interpretation would be that I need to show my audience that I am the “real thing” (old Coke jingle). When you use my service, you will be receiving what you asked and paid for, and you will not be receiving a cheap imitation or knock-off.

Using video can be a huge help with this message. You can increase your customer loyalty with video because video:

  • increases the users confidence in the brand
  • shows how the product or service works

If you identify and show the people behind the scenes, all of a sudden your company is real and tangible.

6.  No sound

85% of all videos played on Facebook are played without sound. Yes, your employees are probably watching videos on the clock, hence no sound playing. To get your message across to everyone, make use of text overlays and sub-titles. Be all inclusive and it will pay off.

7.  “Video”

Are you receiving more videos in your e-mail in-box than ever before? If you include the word “video” in your subject line, your views will actually increase by 19% (Syndacast).

8.  Research

And here’s another stat for you: nearly 50% of users are looking for videos on a product before making the purchase decision (ThinkWithGoogle). If you don’t have a video to show your product or service, you could be leaving money on the table, or the screen.

9.  YouTube

According to Hubspot, 48% additional marketers are considering adding YouTube to their content strategy for 2019. Are you one of those marketers? Maybe you should be.

10. Reuse & Recycle

Re-purpose your video. Try using that video on a different platform … Pinterest is a great site to talk about your product. Were you focusing on a specific target market? Maybe you can try marketing to a slightly different market and gain some new admirers.

Video is versatile and valuable. The numbers show that the big brand guys will continue to use video to promote their wares in new and innovative ways. There are lots of ways the non-big brands can utilize video without breaking the bank. Make use of the tools you already have and take the plunge.

If you would like to find out about the different styles and types of video, and what would be best for you, get in touch. Let’s talk video!!


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